Josef Stalin Was Not The Bad Guy We Were Taught He Was

  • The mixed popular opinion in Russia about Stalin is fake. All the polls are fixed and they are manufacturing the debate. I’m not sure what the true opinion is since I do not live in Russia, but we are clearly getting signaled that whatever conversation is happening is an invention.
  • All the Stalin victim counts are manufactured and it is possible the number is 0. This goes for the executions, deaths in the Gulag, forced resettlement deaths, deportation deaths, soldier executions, the Purge, political prisoners, murders committed by the NKVD, and tortured prisoners. This includes the famous stories of prisoners being “Sent to Siberia”.
  • The Moscow Trials were faked, along with his draconian trial policies.
  • The NKVD’s arrest of 16 Polish leaders after Yalta was faked.
  • The Ukrainian Famine/Genocide was faked or greatly exaggerated.
  • His Nobel Peace Prize nominations were fixed and are probably a signal that the Nobel Prizes are a front.
  • Stalin’s death was faked in 1953.
    • Note: It is surprisingly common for intelligence to fake deaths of older notable persons. I believe that they are obsessed with control and always have a lineup of potential fake deaths ready to go so that they can release the news at just the right moment of the news cycle.
  • The assassinations conspiracies involving poisoning are controlled opposition.
  • Stalin ordering the seizure of grain hoards from kulak farmers was a hoax.
  • The social liberation of women, advances in health care and education, lower rates of disease, increase in life span, better prenatal care, and the education of engineers during the Stalin years are all untrue.
  • Stalin’s hesitation at the initial stages of Operation Barbossa was done on purpose, suggesting both Stalin and Hitler were aware and in agreement about going to war. All the stories of Stalin not believing Hitler would attack are false.
  • There are signals that Stalin’s last name was made up in order to sound stronger since Stalin means steel in Russian.
  • The POW status and negotiation of Stalin’s son Yakov in WWII was faked.
  • Talk of Stalin going beyond the terms of agreement in the annexation of Bessarabia and Bukovina is fake.
  • The Bulgarian coup d’etat during WWII was staged.
  • The CPSU Central Committee was an intelligence front.
  • There are signals that Israel is an intelligence front. I believe Stalin may have been an agent of the Zionists from the beginning.

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