LinkedIn is a Surveillance Tool Owned by Intelligence

With today’s news of Microsoft purchasing LinkedIn for $26 billion, I thought I would find out what LinkedIn really is.

  • LinkedIn user totals are fake. Both active and dormant. Many of the accounts, like Facebook, are dummy accounts used by Intelligence.
  • LinkedIn data is not used for economic graphs and they do not provide technology training for cities like mentioned in the media.
  • LinkedIn does not derive it’s revenue from it’s solutions and premium subscriptions.
  • It’s popularity has been manufactured and promoted in the media to ensure it is the #1 tool for networking.
  • LinkedIn’s lawsuit regarding invitations as free speech was fake.
  • It’s reported revenue is made-up.
  • The Search, Network, and Analytics (SNA) team at LinkedIn is an intelligence front.
  • It’s competitors Vladeo and Xing are also intelligence fronts.
  • LinkedIn monitors messages between users.

So there you have it. Not only are these social media companies working with the NSA/CIA as the phony Snowden Affair told us, but they are actually owned and operated by intelligence.


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