Princess Diana’s Marriage Was Faked, And So Is Her Family Tree

Everything you see I got by searching the Wikipedia footnotes for worldwide intelligence numerology markers, used to inform agents around the world of fake events and signal which notable person is a fellow agent.

In case you are not aware, Wikipedia entries are created by and edited by intelligence. Sometimes my interpretation may be off, but I find the numbers are always signaling something, and are purposely placed in a way to remove the possibility of numerical randomness.


  • Diana’s infant brother John did not die at birth


  • Diana’s parents never divorced
  • Diana’s charity work was a front and we can consider the following charities as fronts for intelligence:
    • Great Ormand Street Hospital for Children
    • Natural History Museum
    • Royal Academy of Music
    • Barnardo’s
    • British Red Cross
    • Chester Childbirth Appeal
    • Landmine Survivors Network
    • Help the Aged
    • Trust for Sick Children in Wales
    • National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery
    • British Lung Foundation
    • National AIDS Trust
    • Eureka!
    • National Children’s Orchestra
    • Royal Brompton Hospital
    • British Red Cross Youth
    • Relate Marriage Counselors
    • Guinness Trust
    • Meningitis Trust
    • Dove House
    • Malcolm Sargent Cancer Fund for Children
    • Royal School for the Blind
    • Welsh National Opera
    • Pre-School Playgroups Association
    • Variety Club of New Zealand
    • Birthright
    • British Deaf Association
  • Her visits to the Royal Brompton Hospital to spend time with dying patients never happened.
  • Her work for Mother Teresa, who herself was an agent
  • Her work with the Leprosy Mission and the famous stories of touching patients who others were not willing to touch. Same goes for AIDS patients. More than likely they were not real patients, but agents or actors posing for photo-ops.
  • Agents signals are given out to British politicians Gordon Brown, Tony Blair, and John Major, and friends from the entertainment world such as David Frost, Elton John, and Cliff Richard.
  • HayPost in Armenia is flagged as an intelligence front.


  • Her engagement in 1981 was faked.
  • Her royal wedding later that year was also faked. It was not a real marriage but a spectacle.
  • Landmark Aids Centre is flagged as a front.
  • The famous nickname “The People’s Princess” was an intelligence creation.


  • Talks of meddling in politics and being a “loose cannon” was an intelligence creation.
  • Her Armenian ancestry is faked.
  • The following members of her family tree are signaled as fake or unrelated:
    • Frederick Spencer, 4th Earl Spencer
    • Albert Spencer, 7th Earl Spencer
    • Edward Baring, 1st Baron Revelstoke
    • Louisa Bulteel
    • Edward Baring, 1st Baron Revelstoke
    • Louisa Bulteel
    • James Hamilton, 2nd Duke of Abercorn
    • Lady Mary Curzon-Howe
    • Lady Cynthia Hamilton
    • George Bingham, 4th Earl of Lucan
    • Lady Cecilia Gordon-Lennox
    • Edmond Roche, 1st Baron Fermoy
    • Eliza Caroline Boothby
    • Maurice Roche, 4th Baron Fermoy
    • Franklin H. Work
    • Ellen Wood
    • Alexander Ogston Gill
    • Barbara Smith Marr
    • Ruth Gill
    • David Littlejohn
    • Jane Crombie


  • Princess Margaret burning Diana’s “very personal” letters was an invention.
  • Thomas John Bernando is flagged for a 2nd time.
  • A picture of the Paris tunnel is flagged, which IMO signals an (obvious) fake death.


  • Diana’s divorce was faked, obviously seeing as that the original marriage was faked too.
  • The lump sum of money Diana received from Prince Charles due to the divorce was faked as well.
  • Diana never lived near Kensington Palace after her “divorce” and until her “death”.
  • Mohamed Al-Fayad is flagged and his “pursuit of justice”.

So there you have it. I did not dive into the circumstances of her death since I feel it goes without saying that it was faked. And this is all considering that there may be other number markers I am not looking for such as 46 and 94.

Keep in mind all the controlled opposition you heard after the murder, how MI6 or the Royal Palace wanted her killed. More often than not, the people we see in the limelight are not only faking the circumstances of their lives, but are intelligence creations from the get-go. And the more famous or iconic they are, the more likely that is so.


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