The NFL’s CTE Concussion Problem is a Hoax

Get ready for this one.

  • A 2012 study of 5 retired NFL players revealing brain damage was faked.
  • The CENC or Chronic Effects of Neurotrauma Consortium is an intelligence front.
  • The principal investigator for CENC is Herman Flax who’s prominent positions at VCU and the Department of Veteran Affairs is flagged as fake.
  • All evidence falsifying CTE has been withheld.
  • The diagnosis of 96% of deceased NFL players having CTE is fake.
  • The following CTE cases are flagged as agents and are fake deaths:
    • Junior Seau (NFL)
    • Dave Duerson (NFL)
    • Rick Martin (NHL)
    • Gary Goodridge (MMA)
    • James Leahy (MMA)
    • Jeff Astle (Football)
    • Cullen Finnerty (AFL)
    • Bobby Kuntz (CFL)
    • Jay Roberts (CFL)
    • Andrew “Test” Martin (Pro Wrestling)
  • The connection between high levels of protein tau and CTE is either fake or unproven.

I believe the purpose of this psy-op is to make Americans feel uncomfortable when watching contact sports. Intelligence knows Americans will never stop watching football, mixed martial arts, or hockey, so they manufacture an issue to bring up a feeling of anxiety and guilt in sports fans. This discomfort in consumers will result in higher sales for sponsors, who bombard consumers with advertisements during every game.

To add to this, I have also found signals that Sidney Crosby of the NHL has been faking his concussion symptoms the last few years. So this psy-op extends far and wide.


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