Erich von Daniken is a Front for Intelligence

The purpose of this kind of controlled opposition is to build trust and then discredit by association. I want to make clear that I, at this point, do not believe in UFOs and feel confident that a majority of what we hear is disinformation from intelligence.

  • Daniken never wrote Chariots of the Gods. It was ghost written by a committee.
  • The charges and arrest of Daniken for embezzlement was manufactured to blackwash some of his ideas such as Earth Crust Displacement.
  • Der Spiegel blackwashing Daniken by calling him Dänikitis, a pun on Meningitis was done on purpose by intelligence.
  • The Piri Reis map is a hoax. Daniken uses the map as evidence for the Antarctica theory, but it is a disinformation tactic to indirectly discredit the theory.
  • Daniken’s “evidence” of alien invasions on Earth that he found is fake.

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