If Atlantis Existed, It is Under the Ice in Antarctica

I was floored by the amount of purposeful disinformation regarding the location of Atlantis. Despite open-mindedness towards all the theories, the Wiki was adamant that that the Antarctic/Crust Displacement theory is false. That’s what caught my eye.

  • All research refuting that Antarctica was ice-free 9,500 years ago is false or faked
  • As mentioned in a previous blog entry, any evidence tying Atlantis to Crete or the Minoan Eruption is false since it was a fake event.
  • Hollow Earth Theory is an intelligence creation, just like Flat Earth
  • Brazilian professor Arysio Nunes dos Santos is flagged as an agent and his claims of discovering Troy and the Garden of Eden are false.
  • Sundaland is flagged but I am unsure if it is flagged as a fake or as the Atlantis/Sundaland connection being a fake.
  • The archaeological sites in Malta connected to Atlantis are false or a hoax.
  • The Andalusian Hypothesis is made up.
  • Author Michael Hubner is flagged as an agent and his Morocco theory is also flagged.

So that is very interesting. They seem to have put in a lot of effort at misdirection. In my next entry I will expose Erich von Daniken (a Crust Displacement proponent) as a front who is used to discredit many of the beliefs he claims to support.


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