If Atlantis Existed, It is Under the Ice in Antarctica

I was floored by the amount of purposeful disinformation regarding the location of Atlantis. Despite open-mindedness towards all the theories, the Wiki was adamant that that the Antarctic/Crust Displacement theory is false. That’s what caught my eye.

  • All research refuting that Antarctica was ice-free 9,500 years ago is false or faked
  • As mentioned in a previous blog entry, any evidence tying Atlantis to Crete or the Minoan Eruption is false since it was a fake event.
  • Hollow Earth Theory is an intelligence creation, just like Flat Earth
  • Brazilian professor Arysio Nunes dos Santos is flagged as an agent and his claims of discovering Troy and the Garden of Eden are false.
  • Sundaland is flagged but I am unsure if it is flagged as a fake or as the Atlantis/Sundaland connection being a fake.
  • The archaeological sites in Malta connected to Atlantis are false or a hoax.
  • The Andalusian Hypothesis is made up.
  • Author Michael Hubner is flagged as an agent and his Morocco theory is also flagged.

So that is very interesting. They seem to have put in a lot of effort at misdirection. In my next entry I will expose Erich von Daniken (a Crust Displacement proponent) as a front who is used to discredit many of the beliefs he claims to support.


One thought on “If Atlantis Existed, It is Under the Ice in Antarctica

  1. Flat earth seems more probable than the blue marble. A third option? If so do you speculate within yourself re?
    Could you put numerology to a third option? Or do you think we have a heliocentric universe? Do you think you know what we’re inhabiting or reasonably so?

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