Prediction: Next Big Faked Death is Lil Wayne

The agencies need to get the Orlando hoax off the front pages soon before regular people start asking questions once the shock wears off. Today I notice a news article saying Lil Wayne had two seizures on an airplane due to his epilepsy, and possibly due to his drinking cough syrup as a recreational drug. Lil Wayne is 33 years old and has been near death multiple times in his story. Once in 2013 and once more as a child.

Let’s look at the markers in Lil Wayne’s wiki:

  • His jail sentence was faked. This is very common with famous rappers to improve their street credibility.
  • The entire feud with Cash Money Records over his album The Carter IV and the Free Weezy Album is fake. The Carter IV has been put on hold on purpose to push this fake feud. Birdman himself is a suspicious character who has been in the news lately and I will look at him in the future.
  • There are flags on his 2nd baby. It might have been a fake pregnancy.
  • There is a flag on him dropping out of the University of Houston. We usually see that as a marker for when they joined intelligence.
  • The album sales from We Are Young Money have been faked.
  • The 2013 near death experience was faked. Which tells me this current seizure is fake too and all of it is just preparing us to accept the shock of his death.
  • Obama and his rap preferences are all scripted.

So there you have it, a lot of fakery. And with Birdman making the news a few months ago by threatening the DJs at a radio station, they may be prepping us for a Suge Knight-type conspiracy.


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