The Controversy Surrounding The Da Vinci Code Was Staged

You don’t need to have a keen eye to see that Dan Brown and the Da Vinci Code were written by intelligence committees try to bastardize Christianity. Let’s start with author Dan Brown:

  • His college degree at Amherst College is flagged as well as his course at the University of Seville. We should assume that was when he joined intelligence or was invented as a front. He is flagged twice here.
  • His scholarship fund at Amherst College is fake or a front.
  • The poor reviews of The Da Vinci Code have been manufactured.
  • The New Hampshire Charitable Foundation is a front.

Now about the movie:

  • Winchester Cathedral’s negative response to the book was manufactured.
  • Pinewood Studios, where the move was shot, has a flag. The studio is probably a front for intelligence and location of many British spook movies.
  • The movie grossed $111 million during it’s first week.
  • The Phillipine¬†Alliance Against Pornography’s (PAAP) strong criticism of the film was faked to create controversy.
  • The poor reception at Cannes was done on purpose, as are the poor reviews on Rotten Tomatoes.

The book:

  • The entire Mary Magdelene/Holy Grail plot was created by Intelligence.
  • Gnosticism is flagged. This is not the first time the Gospels have been flagged. They are also flagged on the Jesus Christ wiki article and I will dive into them in the future.
  • The book being translated into 40 languages is flagged. This was probably done to spread the message worldwide, whether people wanted to read it or not.

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