The Minoan Eruption Never Happened

This one is interesting. I have been exploring ancient historical events and got pushed in this direction. I want to start off by saying that at this point, I do not know why this event has been manufactured for us. My assumption is that they are hiding something about our past. I will stay open minded about why and will post more things in the future related to this that I don’t quite understand right now.

  • There are no ancient records of this event or any indication it caused turmoil in Egypt.
  • The estimated magnitude of the eruption has been made up.
  • The pumice found in Egypt that was carbon dated to the Minoan eruption is faked.
  • Stories of a tsunami attacking the coast are not true.
  • Any evidence that the location of Atlantis is at Crete is fake.

If anybody has any idea why they would fake this event, please let me know. A preview of my next article is that I suspect the Sea Peoples narrative is also fake.


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