The Montreal Canadiens Dynasty Was Fixed

At this point, my assumption is that all 23 of their Stanley Cups have been gifted. What I can tell you for sure is that all of their Cups in the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s were rigged in their favor.

I’m going to go after the red flags for each star player to let you know what was fixed and what other events were faked as well.

Montreal Canadiens

  • Rivalry with Toronto Maple Leafs has been manufactured by purposely placing them in the finals against each other five times and 15 times overall in the playoffs.

Ken Dryden

  • Born on 8/8/1947
  • The 73-74 season was rigged against the Canadiens in order to make Ken Dryden look good after his retirement.
  • His entire Hall of Fame career has been manufactured.
  • Dryden’s election to Parliament was rigged.

Patrick Roy

  • There are red flags regarding his youth. He may have been manufactured from early age like Woods, Newton, Favre, and Orr.
  • The 1986 Canadiens Stanley Cup was rigged as well as Patrick Roy’s Conn Smythe.
  • His shouting match in his first NHL coaching game against Bruce Boudreau was faked.

Maurice Richard

  • His 133 goals in the minor leagues in 38-39 was faked or rigged.
  • At 18, he did not join the Verdun Juniors but instead joined the military. They say he was denied by the military but that is false.
  • His death was faked and so was his wife’s. They faked hers shortly before his, faked a relationship with a new partner, and then fake killed off Maurice. His funeral included an 11 minute standing ovation and 115,000 people attending.
  • His legacy has been manufactured with praise and awards.
  • Richard’s 50 goals in 50 games was manufactured.
  • He missed 20 games of the 51-52 season with a fake injury.
  • The Richard Riot was faked or exaggerated, and the suspension was pre-agreed upon.
  • The Canadiens lost the 1955 Stanley Cup to the Red Wings on purpose.

Guy Lafleur

  • Lafleur’s car accident and injuries from the 1981 season were faked.
  • His son Mark’s legal problems and sexual assault charges have been faked.

Howie Morenz

  • Morenz’s grandson Blake Geoffrion is signaled as an agent
  • The Blake-Geoffrion family is a spook family and the trades to Montreal have been done on purpose.
  • Morenz’s career leader in goal scored record in 1933 was manufactured.
  • His early death may have been faked. He died at 11:30pm and the funeral was on March 11th.
  • Morenz, like Richard, is claimed to have been denied by the military. This is unlikely.

Bernie “Boom Boom” Geoffrion

  • Bernie’s number was retired on March 11th, 2006 and he died the same day. March 11th is also the date his Father-in-law Morenz had his funeral.

Jacques Plante

  • Plante’s minor league career is flagged, usually meaning he joined intelligence around that time.
  • Plante was coached to play the puck outside the crease. The stories of him being disciplined for it are false.
  • The Canadiens 18 game unbeaten streak following Plante’s unwillingness to take off his mask was rigged.
  • There is another flag for the Molson company/family.
  • The 1965 Montreal Canadien Jrs vs the Soviet National Team game was rigged in Montreal’s favor.

Georges Vezina

  • The story of Cattarinich (a goalie who would go on to co-own the team) convincing the team to give Vezina a tryout is fake. Most likely Vezina was planted in the role, as was Cattarinich.
  • The 1916 Canadiens Stanley Cup Final was rigged in their favor.
  • There are no flags towards Vezina’s early death, but I wouldn’t close the door on that being fake too.

Jean Beliveau

  • Beliveau’s 10 Cups as a player and 17 Cups overall have been rigged.

Sprague Cleghorn

  • Cleghorn’s fall on an icy street in 1917 causing him to miss a season was faked.
  • The Cleghorn/Senators/Canadiens/Hamilton feud was manufactured.
  • Cleghorn’s divorce drama where he was accused of being found with another woman was faked, probably to add to his tough persona.

Toe Blake

  • Blake’s elderly death was faked, as we often see. Intelligence does this whenever they need an easy news story.

Chris Chelios

  • There is a flag that the 94-95 NHL lockout was faked. We now need to consider that all of these lock-outs are fake. Not sure the reason why at this point. Pretending to have an impasse is one thing in order to create storylines, but to actually have one is a different story.
  • Chelios playing into old age was manufactured by the NHL and we are probably seeing it now with Jagr. Opposing players are told not to hit him and they are allowed easy points.
  • The murders at Chelios’s restaurant were faked.

Doug Gilmour

  • Gilmour’s OHL totals were rigged in his favor, as well as the QMJHL championship and the 1981 Memorial Cup.
  • The Flames 1989 Stanley Cup was rigged.
  • The Maple Leaf’s 92-93 winning season was also rigged.
  • I have enough signals to believe Gilmour was an agent from the beginning and most likely his sexual assualt charges in 1988 may have been faked as well.

Saku Koivu

  • Koivu’s claim of having lost his peripheral vision in an injured eye is false.
  • The controversy between Koivu and Guy Bertrand about not speaking French in a videotaped pre-game ceremony was manufactured.

P.K. Subban

  • Subban’s AHL Presidents Award was rigged in his favor
  • His 2012 Norris trophy was also rigged in his favor. My bet is that the NHL has been pulling strings in his favor in order to have an African American star to help market the sport. I have seen similar indicators towards Evander Kane.

Bob Gainey

  • His wiki bio signals Team President Geoff Molson of the Molson family as intelligence and coach Jacques Martin.

Larry Robinson

  • His role as Director of Player Personnel on the Sharks is just for show.

Henri Richard

  • His early bio is scrubbed but with his relation to Maurice Richard and his 11 Stanley Cups, I have my suspicions about him.

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