Yassar Arafat Worked For Mossad – And He Faked His Death Too

  • Arafat’s entire persona has been manufactured – Both the heroic freedom fighting martyr for the Palestinians, and the terrorist to the Israelis.
  • Arafat’s father’s court battle to win family land in Egypt was fake. Arafat is a child of intelligence.
  • Israelis reported attempts at assassinating Arafat never happened.
  • The Hamas terrorist attack on Passover that killed 29 people was a hoax.
  • al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigade is an Israeli front, and so is Hamas.
  • This means the supposed funding by Arafat of these terrorist groups is false
  • Marwan Barghouti’s arrest and lifetime conviction by Israel was fake.
  • The 2002 negotiations that included Arafat and 6 militants being transferred to Jericho was fake.
  • The Battle of Karameh did not really happen.
  • Arafat did not receive VAT tax receipts on good purchased by Palestinians into his bank account from Israel.
  • Thousands of Palestinians did not join Fatah. Arafat’s promotion as a national hero was manufactured.
  • Arafat did not die of a stroke in 2004. There are several markers indicating this was a hoax.
  • Arafat wearing a holster in front of the UN general assembly was an intelligence tactic to blackwash Palestinians.
  • Conspiracies regarding Arafat’s death are controlled oppositions, particularly the reports of him bearing the symptoms of AIDS.
  • Since his death was faked, testing of his body for poison was also faked.
  • The massacre of 684 people in Damour was a fake event.

Though there were no flags in this direction, it would not surprise me if Arafat turned out to be Jewish.


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