Ancient Greece Was Not As Gay As They Want You To Think It Was

We have been bombarded by the promotion of homosexuality over the last few decades and it has been picking up steam with Caitlyn Jenner and the recent Orlando hoax. Like Miles Mathis has said, it’s fine to give equality to gays, but it’s not OK to try to make us gay. Turns out this psy-op has been extended into our history books and messing with our heads in the process.

  • Ancient Greece was not a pederastic city-state that accepted sexual relations between older men and young boys. It was not a social and educational institution and it was not an important element in civil life, the military, philosophy, and the arts.
  • Sparta was not a pederastic city-state either and all stories of women being substituted for men in the dark are made up. These quotes are attributed to Plato who has been flagged in many wiki articles along with Socrates and Aristotle. I may need to look at them in a future papers. They may have all been invented during the Renaissance.

You see, they are attempting to glorify homosexuality as something that was approved of during our Golden Ages. As if the brilliant people of Ancient Greece understood something we have not understood yet. Turns out it’s false. Ancient people were a lot like people today. Mundane and easy to fool with these ridiculous psy-ops.


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