Benedict Arnold Was Not A Coward – He Was Intelligence

Hearing that Miles Mathis has a paper planned on the Founding Fathers, I decided to get a jump start by exposing an easy fairy tale.

  • Arnold’s entire family and youth is flagged. His family was rich and upper class in Norwich society. The subsequent deaths of his siblings, loss of family fortune, father’s alcoholism, lack of money for education, and apprenticeship is all fake to cover up for who he really was.
  • His time in the Connecticut militia is flagged. I am unclear if that means he did not really spend his 13 days there, or if that is when he became an agent.
  • He never suffered from gout.
  • His death and funeral were faked.
  • The story of his remains being moved to an unmarked grave due to a clerical error is fake, since he never died at that time.
  • His will to John Sage is flagged, probably because he wasn’t dead yet and didn’t want to give up his estate.
  • Stories of Arnold’s cowardice and treachery were manufactured going back to Benjamin Franklin who I have seen get flagged a lot on Wikipedia.
  • Arnold’s dispute with Moses Hazen was fake.
  • His memorial in Saratoga National Historical Park is flagged.
  • Arnold never participated in the first Oath of Allegiance. And if he did, it was some sort of front.
  • Arnold’s family was not threatened by Patriot mobs and he was not rebuffed by local authorities for security.
  • Arnold never offered to surrender West Point to General Clinton

I suspect that after Mathis’s paper, we may learn that everything we have been taught about the Revolutionary War has been faked. To throw you an olive branch, wiki flagged George Washington’s cheery tree story as fake 😉


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