Cloning Technology Does Not Exist

What’s the point in faking this? Well, I’m not sure yet. Cloning conspiracies are very popular among disinformation artists, so that’s one reason I guess. Like the people reading this, I’m still trying to make sense of all of this.

  • We have no idea how to clone anything. The four steps of cloning including fragmentation, ligation, transfection, and screening/selection are made up.
  • Therapeutic cloning to treat diseases like Alzheimer’s and diabetes does not exist.
  • The first clones of Northern Leopard Frogs in 1952 was faked.
  • Controversies involving religious groups and animal rights activists are planted. Just distraction fodder.
  • And oh yeah, Dolly the Sheep is flagged several times as a hoax. Sorry, kids.

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