Da Vinci Was Not An Inventor

I want to note that I am not saying Leonardo Da Vinci was a fake artist. By all indications he was (although some of his paintings are not really his as is common in the art world), but there are several markers pointing towards the identity of “Da Vinci the Inventor” being fake.

  • He did not conceptualize flying machines, armored fighting vehicles, concentrated solar power, and an adding machine.
  • His wealthy out of wedlock father Messier Piero Fruosino di Antonio da Vinci, a Florentine legal notary, is flagged as intelligence.
  • Da Vinci was not commissioned by King Francis I of France to make a mechanical lion that could walk forward and open it’s chest.
  • His drawing of a single span bridge is faked.
  • All inventions shown in the BBC documentary “Leonardo’s Dream Machines” are fake, including the parachute and a large crossbow.
  • Giorgio Vasari is flagged multiple times as intelligence, and considering he is our sole source of biographies for nearly all early Italian and Renaissance artists, that is a big deal and worth a blog entry in the future. Everything we knew about early Italian art might be faked.
  • Much of his praise has been manufactured going back to the 16th Century.
  • A woman named Caterina being listed in his tax records is fake. Most likely to cover up for Da Vinci being gay, like Miles Mathis believes.
  • Da Vinci’s feud with Gian Giacomo Caprotti da Oreno did not really happen.
  • The Annunciation painting that was original attributed to Ghirlandaio and then attributed to Da Vinci is not really Da Vinci’s. It is Ghirlandaio’s and was probably misattributed on purpose for gallery receipts in 1869.

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