Dinosaurs Never Walked The Earth

This blog is just like reliving the day you found out Santa doesn’t exist, over and over again. If you’ve read my previous articles, you may have realized why they would fake dinosaurs. Dinosaurs are important evidence for their Evolutionary theory.

  • The first flag notes that dinosaur fossils have not been found on every continent.
  • The next flag is a big one indicating that all 1047 (note the 47) of the dinosaurs are fake including herbivores, carnivores, seed-eaters, fish-eaters, insectivores, and omnivores.
  • The romantic pictures of bipedal dinosaurs, cranial armor, etc. have been made up by artists.
  • The gigantic sizes of the dinosaurs are made up.
  • Sauropods, the largest dinosaurs, have several flags indicating they are made up.
  • All of the “largest dinosaurs ever found” are fake.
  • Trackaways, nests, and eggs that have been found are fakes.
  • Debate whether dinosaurs were warm or cold blooded is manufactured.
  • Another flag towards erect limbs.
  • The dinosaur-bird theory is made up to help unify the evolutionary theory.
  • Surprisingly the idea that the first grasses appeared at the end of the Cretaceous period is flagged. Perhaps it was made up to make the dinosaur hoax seem realistic.
  • Debate over feathered dinosaurs is manufactured.
  • The entire concept of climate change killing the dinosaurs is made up.
  • The massive Earth impact theory suggesting a meteorite killing the dinosaurs is also made up. All the sudden changes on Earth we heard about during that period such as a drop in sea level and volcanic eruptions may not be true.

One step closer to finding out where we came from. We may need the process of elimination to get there, but we will get there. We cannot allow the men in charge to hide our history from us.


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