Neanderthals Never Existed

Get ready for a trip down the rabbit hole. The beauty of the numerology is that it’s a hot knife cutting through the butter that is disinformation.

Why would they fake Neanderthals? For the same reason they are shoving Evolution down our throat. It goes hand in hand to destroy Christianity, and cover up our true past. What is our true past? I have suspicions, but have not gone deep enough to say for sure. But I will, once I get there.

  • All Neanderthal bones that have been discovered have been faked. I have not yet looked into the other early Hominids, but I suspect Homo Erectus and the others have also been faked.
  • There is no link between Neanderthals and the Mousterian stone tool culture.
  • There is no common ancestor between Modern Humans and Neanderthals.
  • The genome testing of Neanderthal and Human DNA that shows a 99.5%-99.9% match is a hoax.
  • Stories of Human and Neanderthals coexisting is false.
  • All talk of interbreeding is planted too.
  • There is no DNA sequence that exists for Neanderthals.
  • Radio carbon dating on supposed Neanderthal archaeological sites is fake.
  • The Child of Lagar Skeleton found in Portugal is a hoax.
  • The concept of Neanderthals being smarter than Humans is made up.
  • The fossils found in Northern Germany, Israel, and Spain are fake.
  • All the artistic reconstructions of Neanderthals are faked.

So there you go. Everything we have been told about our past is fake. Wait until the next article where I expose the Dead Sea Scrolls. And in the future I’m going to have some bad news for you about other “great” archaeological finds.


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