Paris Is Not Really a Hilton

Some people might be annoyed with this topic, like there are much bigger fish to fry. But to me, this is important. What it tells us is that those that we think are the elites, may not be the real elites. And this whole “socialites gone wild” thing has been an act.

  • First thing flagged is her place of birth and her mother Kathy Hilton. Does that mean she is not her mother? Or that Kathy Hilton is also not a real Hilton?
  • Next, like Diana, her entire family tree is flagged. It quickly and easily lets us know, that Hilton is not who they say she is.
  • There are a whole nest of flags around her acting career, the Sheens, MTV, John McCain, etc. Stuff that most of us know already.
  • Her perfume line is flagged. We will also see this with her “sister” Nicky Hilton and all the Kardashians. If you do not know, none of these celebrities have any input into their fashion or perfume lines. They are strictly hired as a name to front the brand.
  • We have another flag on her jewelry line.
  • Her DJ career is flagged as fake. Obviously.
  • There are flags towards Sophia Coppola, and faked box office numbers.
  • Her DUI is flagged as fake. This was a big story in 2006, probably to lend credit to the “rich girls gone wild” image.
  • Her arrest for cocaine possession is also flagged as fake.
  • Maxim is flagged as a front. I have seen similar flags towards Maxim and FHM in the past.
  • The website is flagged. I assume to mean that she was involved in the making, and that it was not a violation of her privacy. I take that to mean that her sex tape was purposely released too, although that is mainstream knowledge.
  • Her motorcycle team is flagged, again obviously. And her walkout on Good Morning America is flagged as staged.

What’s interesting is that her “sister” Nicky Hilton is not flagged in this way at all. The only thing flagged on her page is her perfume line. You may recall that Nicky was recently engaged to a Rothschild.

I decided to take a closer look at the sisters, since Paris was always the wild one and Nicky was the quiet and conservative opposite. A close look shows that they actually don’t look much alike at all.

In fact, glancing at hundreds of pictures of them together, I can’t find one where they are looking at each other, smiling at each other, or showing any kind of affection like sisters normally do.

I have a hunch that Nicky Hilton is the real Hilton who married a real Rothschild, while Paris Hilton is an actress hired for the role of “Wild Socialite”. I always wondered how a billionaire family like the Hiltons would ever allow a sex tape to leak of an heiress. This explains how, and that’s if the Paris in the sex tape is even the Paris we know.

I have for a while heard from seemingly reliable sources that Paris Hilton does not actually have a lot of money and is a very high-end escort for the Saudi men that she is often photographed with on vacation. That makes a lot more sense now.



2 thoughts on “Paris Is Not Really a Hilton

    1. Good observation.

      Take another look and see that Nicky has a, how shall I say this, natural Jewish nose (she did marry a Rothschild) and Paris has a small, sleek nose that looks like it was extended. Very nose-jobish.

      If that’s the only feature they match on, I can see them deciding to give Paris a nose job to look more similar.


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