The Romanovs and Rasputin Were Jewish Plants – And No, They Weren’t Killed

To understand how this is possible, you need to be familiar with the recent work of Miles Mathis. The basic idea is that the last 500 years or so of history has been the Aristocracy vs the Financiers, who were mostly Jewish. The financiers have been infiltrating royal families and the Vatican, posing as crypto-Jews for a long, long time. Mathis has exposed Napoleon and many others famous men and women as being secretly Jewish.

Understanding the Romanovs as Jewish, paints a picture of the Russian Revolution is a completely manufactured event, done for the masses, in order to paint a believable picture of why the aristocracy collapsed into Communism (a fakery as well).

Let’s start with Nicholas II:

  • First thing flagged is his entire family, suggesting his entire background is fake.
  • The next flag is about Nicholas and his family spending his childhood at the Marlborough House, which connects him to the Churchill family. This tells us Nicholas may have been British Intelligence.
  • The next two flags are interesting, since they are both by historians summarizing his entire reign. This to me reads as “his entire reign was fake”.
  • All of Nicholas’s royal titles are flagged.
  • The stampede deaths during his coronation were faked.
  • The Bloody Sunday incident of 1905 was a hoax. On the Bloody Sunday page, the Putilov Incident is flagged as well.
  • The Hague Conference is flagged twice.

Shooting of the Romanov Family wiki page:

  • Debates about whether Lenin or Sverdlov ordered the murder are fake, since there was no murder.
  • The Romanov family was never evacuated in August 1917.
  • The location of their bodies is supposedly 56.942222 N 60.473333 E (Note the 47 and 33; 94 and 22 are two more markers I am considering adding to my investigations, so it is interesting they are written here.)
  • The bodies were not found and there was no DNA identification.

Alexei Nikolaevich (the youngest son)

  • Alexei was never injured during his rowboat incident in 1912.
  • The desperate bedside worrying is flagged as fake. This is huge because it indicates that Alexei’s hemophilia was probably fake, and the entire premise of the Royal family bringing in someone like Rasputin falls apart.
  • Alexei being the sunshine and favorite child of the family is flagged as untrue.
  • His death by shooting squad is marked as fake, and so is the story of him surviving the bayonet strikes before dying of a bullet to the head. Dramatic stuff only found in Hollywood. I’m shocked we’ve bought it for 100 years.

Alexandra Feodorovna (Empress)

  • Stories of Alexandra renouncing her Lutheran faith and converting to Orthodox is flagged.
  • King Edward the VIII is flagged but I am not sure why at this point.
  • Her four daughters are flagged. Perhaps they are unrelated?
  • Again, Alexei being the sunshine of the family is flagged.
  • Anger and unrest in Russia during World War I is flagged. This is important because if the Revolution was manufactured, then the unrest would have to be too.
  • The identification of her and her family’s remains is flagged 3 times.


  • Her personality and description is flagged. It’s possible Anastasia never existed, along with the other daughters, and were only inserted into photographs after the fact. This is just a hunch. Someone better than me at photo analysis should take a look.
  • A description of her personality is flagged again.
  • Stories of the girls being visibly upset by Rasputin’s death is flagged.
  • Her depression in the last days¬†before the shooting is flagged.
  • The excavation of the Romanov grave in 1991 is flagged, like it is for all the family members.


  • The first two things flagged for Rasputin is his Orthodox religion and his baptism. This is a sign to me that that was not his real religion. With Alexandra’s religion being flagged and now Rasputin’s, I am very confident they were actually Jewish since that’s how these things go. Since we now have so many indicators that the family and it’s death was fake, and since all the other plants throughout royalty have been crypto-jews, I see no reason why this case would be any different.
  • Stories of Rasputin being the most powerful figure in the Imperialist government is untrue.
  • His assassination attempt in June 1914 was a hoax. The female assassin, 33 year old, Khionia Guseva was not actually placed in a madhouse.
  • The German occupation of Warsaw in 1915 is flagged.
  • The delegation of 16 state Duma delegates visiting France and England is flagged, probably as a front.
  • Rasputin’s disappearance following his death is flagged as fake.
  • British historian Helen Rappaport is flagged as an agent.
  • Vladimir Purishkevich’s (Rasputin’s 47 year old murderer) two hour speech in Duma criticizing the Romanovs was staged.
  • The Monarchy being deserted by all the elites, land owners, army officers, etc. is flagged as BS.
  • Rasputin’s secret grave is marked as fake, and so are the rumors of the corpse being burned.
  • Rasputin died at age 47.
  • Stories of using Aspirin to cure Alexei’s ailments is flagged. I take that to mean that Alexei’s hemophilia is fake, like noted previously.
  • The Yar Restaurant Incident was faked.
  • Reports of British Intelligence being concerned about Rasputin’s influence are nonsense, he was most likely British Intelligence the whole time.
  • The murder weapon and car used during Rasputin’s murder is flagged. I take that, along with all the other markers, to mean the death was fake.
  • Rasputin’s healing of Alexei is flagged.
  • Rasputin’s wife was born in 1866, indicating she may have been Intelligence herself.
  • The story of Rasputin’s dirty fingernails was planted in order to blackwash the Romanov family to the public.
  • The Tobolosk Inquiry is flagged.
  • Alexandra and Rasputin convincing Nicholas to take supreme command of the Russian armies in 1915 is flagged. Completely fake.
  • Edvard Radzinsky is flagged as an agent.
  • Elder Nikolay Guryanov is also flagged as an agent.

2 thoughts on “The Romanovs and Rasputin Were Jewish Plants – And No, They Weren’t Killed

  1. I wonder about John Wayne Gacy: convicted on 33 counts of murder.
    And I may be wrong, but these victims photographs look a little strange:


  2. My assumption is that all the serial killers are fake, just like the mass killings nowadays, and just like all the abortion doctor killings 20 years earlier.

    Here are the Wiki flags on Gacy:
    – Gacy’s problems with his father are flagged as fake, as are the stories of his father calling him a “sissy” and “mama’s boy”. This could also be a flag that his father was intelligence, as we see often with famous people.
    – The story of Gacy being molested is flagged.
    – His position as vice president at Springfield Jaycees is flagged. He was probably working for the military instead.
    – The John Szyc murder is flagged.
    – Two more victims are flagged.
    – Four more victims are flagged
    – The investigation involving Cook County Sheriff Thomas Dart asking for DNA evidence is flagged as fake.
    – Four cold cases being connected to Gacy are flagged as fake.
    – His sexual assault accusations in 67/68 are flagged.

    There are about 10 more flags that I haven’t looked at yet, but you should get the idea. I think serial killers are an invention of the FBI/CIA.

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