Lucy and the Australopithecus Are Hoaxes

This ties in with my previous articles about Neanderthals, dinosaurs, and the Minoan Eruption. All of these discoveries and theories came about in the early to mid 19th century. The purpose of all these hoaxes is to invent a timeline that makes the theory of evolution plausible.

The main goal was to defeat Christianity which pushed the idea of Creationism, which is just as false, by creating a competing theory surrounded by infallible “evidence” so logical minds would have no choice but to believe in atheism. This entailed inventing carbon dating, which is very unreliable, making up a false age of the Earth (4.7 billion years), and creating a fantastical timeline involving dinosaurs, Australopithecus (the common ancestor of monkeys and humans), neanderthals, and catastrophic events that explain unexplainable migrations of people.

All of this has been taken for granted, even by those who are keen to question everything they hear. The fossils that have been found are hoaxes, the DNA testing done on them are hoaxes, and the carbon dating are hoaxes. Like space travel, many dupes spend their entire lives taking courses and spending their careers searching for these fossils that have been faked from the beginning.

Here is what I found on Lucy, the Australopithecus, which scientists so desperately needed to point to as a common ancestors of humans and the ape.

  • Lucy was never found in 1971. The entire skeleton is a fake or a mix of human and ape bones. That is the first thing flagged in the article, making it very clear to those in the know that this is a hoax.
  • Lucy was named after “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” by the Intelligence-created band The Beatles. This is flagged and I take it to mean that Lucy was a nod to a previous creation of Intelligence, The Beatles.
  • The several hundred pieces of fragment, and the skeleton appearing female, are flagged as fake.
  • In the “Australopithecus africanus” wiki article, bipedal walking is flagged multiple times. I take this to mean that the fossils may very well be ape fossils in order to appear real, but they are either placed in a way to appear the species was bipedal, the skeleton is mixed with bones of a human, or parts of the skeleton are made out of plaster.

At this point, I am not sure of the real origin of human beings. If you think I am advocating Intelligent Design or anything like that, you are wrong. That has Intelligence and controlled opposition written all over it. They want you to think Evolution and Creationism are the only two choices.

Right now, the only things Wiki has flagged that appear real are:

  1. The flood/deluge around 10,500 BC
  2. Earth crust displacement is a possibility

In future papers I will discuss exactly where Graham Hancock is attempting to mislead us, and I will flag Velikovsky as an agent. The latter will be a very tough pill for many to swallow, and I am aware, but that is what I have found. Much of catastrophic theory is promoted to scare us, and while some of it appears to be true, it is important we can cut through the misdirection and find the truth.


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