Lucy and the Australopithecus Are Hoaxes

This ties in with my previous articles about Neanderthals, dinosaurs, and the Minoan Eruption. All of these discoveries and theories came about in the early to mid 19th century. The purpose of all these hoaxes is to invent a timeline that makes the theory of evolution plausible.

The main goal was to defeat Christianity which pushed the idea of Creationism, which is just as false, by creating a competing theory surrounded by infallible “evidence” so logical minds would have no choice but to believe in atheism. This entailed inventing carbon dating, which is very unreliable, making up a false age of the Earth (4.7 billion years), and creating a fantastical timeline involving dinosaurs, Australopithecus (the common ancestor of monkeys and humans), neanderthals, and catastrophic events that explain unexplainable migrations of people.

All of this has been taken for granted, even by those who are keen to question everything they hear. The fossils that have been found are hoaxes, the DNA testing done on them are hoaxes, and the carbon dating are hoaxes. Like space travel, many dupes spend their entire lives taking courses and spending their careers searching for these fossils that have been faked from the beginning.

Here is what I found on Lucy, the Australopithecus, which scientists so desperately needed to point to as a common ancestors of humans and the ape.

  • Lucy was never found in 1971. The entire skeleton is a fake or a mix of human and ape bones. That is the first thing flagged in the article, making it very clear to those in the know that this is a hoax.
  • Lucy was named after “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” by the Intelligence-created band The Beatles. This is flagged and I take it to mean that Lucy was a nod to a previous creation of Intelligence, The Beatles.
  • The several hundred pieces of fragment, and the skeleton appearing female, are flagged as fake.
  • In the “Australopithecus africanus” wiki article, bipedal walking is flagged multiple times. I take this to mean that the fossils may very well be ape fossils in order to appear real, but they are either placed in a way to appear the species was bipedal, the skeleton is mixed with bones of a human, or parts of the skeleton are made out of plaster.

At this point, I am not sure of the real origin of human beings. If you think I am advocating Intelligent Design or anything like that, you are wrong. That has Intelligence and controlled opposition written all over it. They want you to think Evolution and Creationism are the only two choices.

Right now, the only things Wiki has flagged that appear real are:

  1. The flood/deluge around 10,500 BC
  2. Earth crust displacement is a possibility

In future papers I will discuss exactly where Graham Hancock is attempting to mislead us, and I will flag Velikovsky as an agent. The latter will be a very tough pill for many to swallow, and I am aware, but that is what I have found. Much of catastrophic theory is promoted to scare us, and while some of it appears to be true, it is important we can cut through the misdirection and find the truth.


6 thoughts on “Lucy and the Australopithecus Are Hoaxes

  1. Okay, Straight. I’ve waited a year. Can you please share a few possibilities even if you haven’t made up your mind yet?

    In the Neanderthal post, you say, “Why would they fake Neanderthals? For the same reason they are shoving Evolution down our throat. It goes hand in hand to destroy Christianity, and cover up our true past. What is our true past? I have suspicions, but have not gone deep enough to say for sure. But I will, once I get there.”

    In this post, you say, “At this point, I am not sure of the real origin of human beings. If you think I am advocating Intelligent Design or anything like that, you are wrong. That has Intelligence and controlled opposition written all over it. They want you to think Evolution and Creationism are the only two choices.”

    I would love to hear your theories. What other choices are there? I guess a few that I’ve heard include: we’re living in a simulation, we’re alien colonists, we’re alien pets,

    At first blush, those seem more fake to me than Creationism. It feels like Evolution was pushed aggressively to undermine Creationism/religion. So aggressively that it makes creationism/ religion seem true and very threatening to the Evolution pushers. Now, maybe this was all part of the Industrialists/Financiers undermining the Aristocracy, and religion was fake too and just a source of the power wielded by the Aristocrats.

    But it seems just as likely that whatever “alternate” theories you have in mind are just another alternative weapon against religion for the types of truth seekers starting to see through evolution.

    Anyway, I’m not trying to be challenging. My real interest is in hearing what you think the possibilities are other than Creationism or Evolution. At first I couldn’t think of any, so I tried harder and it led to the few paragraphs above.

    Anyway, what do you think? Please share the possibilities even if you haven’t decided yourself yet.


    1. Yes, I do believe in aliens. Not just ancient aliens, but that the entire planet is being governed and controlled by negative aliens living in higher dimensions which are not visible to humans. I believe it has been like this since Sumeria/Ancient Egypt. Since these aliens are of such high intelligence, everything around us has been programmed for us to not realize we are being controlled and to ridicule anybody who believes they exist.

      The closest to the truth I have found is Noel Huntley who is a retired physicist.

      The first half of the 2nd book I listed is perhaps the greatest takedown of modern science ever done. The content is of a very high level and makes Miles Mathis look like an amateur. Much of it is sourced from channeling, which is of course very tricky for a multitude of reasons.

      It will either resonate with you or it won’t. It would not have resonated with me just a few years ago.


      1. I should note that nothing I just said has anything to do with my relationship with POM. My beliefs are mine and mine alone.

        I know what I just said might seem like discredit by association towards the Mathis/Fakeologist crowd, but it’s what I believe.


  2. Okay! Now we’re talking! Here are a few more questions, should you be inclined to answer:

    So are these aliens the creators? What do they have to do with the origins of man, the earth, etc.? Or did they show up in Ancient Egyptian times and start building the control network?

    What’s the relationship/interaction between these aliens and the top of the visible (and somewhat hidden) human hierarchy?

    Can you say any more about the Creationism/Evolution thing? It obviously makes a lot of sense that religion is a useful control device, but I’m curious about a lot—like, are religion and evolutionary science both “covers” for the truth of alien controllers? Or are they control devices wielded by human would-be controllers who are either ignorant of the aliens or working at their behest? Is there a real battle between those who used religion for control and those who invented dinosaurs etc. to wrest away control? Or is it all one team and they just need to change tactics once in a while (a la: Cold War—>War on Terror—>Cold War?

    And finally, can you give a sentence or two on what your take is on the human origin story?

    Thanks, great stuff. I’ll check out the books.


    1. The origin of man is an extremely complex answer, and is best explained in another of Huntley’s books called “Et’s and Aliens: Who Are They”.

      Regarding the true history of humans, this video (despite being a cartoon) is a pretty good rundown of what has been told by ancient civilizations (through “mythology” and “gods” who are really just aliens) and channelings. It’s not perfect, but it should get you started on Atlantis, Lemuria and the Fall of Man around 10,500 BC. It will answer many of your questions. It’s 1 hour but a solid 1 hour.

      Regarding aliens and the “Illuminati” or “top of the human hierarchy”, this will answer many questions:

      Basically, humans are engineered, but aren’t perfect for control since deep down we want to be good. So they created a hybrid human/reptillian species which look just like us. These are the Illuminati and there’s around 1 million of them. 99.9% of them have no clue they are Illuminati. They think they’re just regular people. They are usually from old bloodlines. They are controlled subconsciously by off-planet aliens and they do their bidding.

      The shape shifting stuff is misdirection from what reptillians can do in astral dimensions. If you have any psychic ability at all you can spot them instantly. Sort of like a Magic Eye picture. Think of the movie “They Live”. Those sunglasses are a metaphor for psychic ability IMO or learning to use your intuition/heart.

      Neanderthals did exist and were genetically engineered to be more submissive than humans. They were made to mine gold for off-world planets to breath for health. Once discovering this gold had awful side effects they stopped breeding Neanderthals and they went extinct. You may be familiar with similar conspiracy theories, but you can see how it’s misdirected. So the Wiki numerology was telling me something but I was misinterpreting it.

      Regarding religion, it is an extreme distortion of the truth of Jesus Christ and Christ Consciousness. He was also apparently never crucified, and that story was semi-invented to create the guilt/shame instilled in Christian followers in order to control them and also as a metaphor for the Crucifixion implants. It’s basically a mockery of what the negative aliens are doing for the human race, but flipped and distorted so humans feel that they are at fault. Psychopathic stuff, but it’s what they do.

      Creationism is part of the false dichotomy. Most of these projects are based on the collective conscious. Deep down we all know our history, but on a subconscious level. Archetypes, if you will. Controllers always play on these to distort. So religion plays on our knowledge that there is more out there, and creationism plays on our knowledge that there was a new “beginning” sometime in the last 6-10 thousand years aka Fall of Man. Of course it ignores everything that came before.

      Anyways, there’s a lot to tell. I recommend first watching that video, then reading both books I showed you in the last post. It will change your view on everything. I no longer believe everything is fake. Only that a certain percentage is.


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