The Dangers of Tobacco Are Exaggerated – The Dangers of Electronic Cigarettes Are Hidden

I’ve had the sense for many years that they have been too forward about the dangers of smoking. Why not ban smoking if it is so bad? They say they worry about the quality of illegal cigarettes if it was banned, but that doesn’t stop them with illegal drugs. What’s going on?

What I found was very interesting. Why do they try to scare us? I can think of a few reasons.

  1. It makes you believe that the government cares about our health and if something was truly bad for us, they would let us know.
  2. It creates friction between smokers and non-smokers
  3. It creates great stress for smokers, whether they admit it or not.
  4. It’s indirect advertising, since they never allow us to forget cigarettes exist.
  5. They continue to sell it in every convenience store and pharmacy around the country with a giant wall of choices behind them. Addiction is big business. Addiction is customer loyalty.

Here are the flags I found:

  • The death totals are made up. 6 million people do not die every year from smoking, and neither do 600,000 from second hand smoke.
  • Cigarette smoking during pregnancy does not cause miscarriages or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (which might not be a real thing, I’ll have to investigate further).
  • Nicotine does not increase concentration like Caffeine.
  • Many side effects related to quitting smoking are not as widespread as they say, like irritability, jitteriness, dry mouth, and rapid heart beat.
  • The psychological dependence on tobacco is overblown and does not cause clinically significant stress. They are telling you it’s bad to smoke out one side of their mouth, and then telling you how difficult it is to quit out the other side. (Note: I have quit smoking cigarettes dozens of times. The first few days can be tricky, but afterwards it’s a matter of not being around cigarettes. I have only relapsed when I convinced myself it’s OK to buy one pack, usually while drunk. Nowadays I smoke a pack every month or two and consider myself a quasi-smoker. I have never had any of these symptoms or “clinical distress”)
  • The connection between schizophrenics and tobacco is made up. Tobacco use is not a major cause of decreased life expectancy in the mentally ill.
  • Mortality related to tobacco does not disproportionately affect the poor.
  • “Rates of smoking in the developed world have leveled off or declined” is flagged. Perhaps rates of smoking have increased?
  • 1 in 5 of people living around smokers do not die from second hand smoke.
  • Smoking does not decrease weight.
  • 17.9% of Americans smoking is flagged. Not sure if it’s higher or lower but the number is purposely falsified.
  • Smoking does not cause myeloid leukemia.
  • Smoking does not lead to an increase in bone fractures, including hip fractures.
  • The 1979 Influenza/Tobacco study in Israel was faked.
  • Danger from “radioactive compounds” found in tobacco is either fake or overblown.
  • Smoking causing stained teeth is flagged. I’ve experienced some of that in the past, but perhaps it is overblown.
  • There is no polonium-210 in cigarettes.

So those are the lies and scare tactics surrounding cigarettes. So the World Health Organization must have our back and care about us, right?

Let’s take a look at electronic cigarettes or e-cigs:

  • The “significantly different conclusions” reached about the safety of e-cigarettes is flagged. The truth is that electronic cigarettes are harmful to your health, as logic would suggest. All these “conflicting studies” are them misdirecting you from the truth, and encouraging you to continue smoking them.
  • E-cigs are not 95% less harmful than regular cigarettes as Public Health England claimed. This was flagged twice.
  • The origin and chemical make-up of the aerosol that makes up e-cig vapor is flagged. I take that to mean that they are keeping the true ingredients and method of creating the aerosol secret, and not for good reasons.
  • The second hand dangers of e-cigs are either untrue or exaggerated.
  • E-liquid containing 95% propylene glycol and glycerin is flagged. Again probably meaning they’re not telling you what they are really putting in there.
  • There are flags towards “there are many e-liquid manufacturers worldwide” which tells me that it is most likely a monopoly. Most e-liquid is being made in the same few locations and represented by the same manufacturer masquerading as several different fronts.
  • The proposed FDA regulations are flagged. I take that to mean that it will be minor, and the FDA is an intelligence front anyway.
  • Dangers of e-cigs and pregnant smokers appears to be untrue. “Long term effects are unknown” is flagged, but that seems untrue. Goes against logic, I must admit. This is flagged 5-6 different times.
  • Loss of higher cognitive functions in youths due to e-cigs is flagged as nonsense.
  • The story of indoor surfaces accumulating nicotine around e-cigs and being harmful to children is bogus.
  • “Low levels of harmful substances in e-cigs” is flagged as untrue. This was said by the Canadian Cancer Society, just so you know how messed up this world is.
  • The FDA announcing e-cigs are not allowed in checked baggage due to fire risks is another scare tactic.
  • Not allowing e-cig smoking on an airplane is flagged. This again probably has to do with the second hand smoke scare tactics.
  • Leaked nicotine from e-cigs is not a poisoning hazard.

They are clearly playing both sides here, playing the “I don’t know” card on e-cigarettes in general, and then showing fake parental concern towards children where no danger exists. It appears e-cigarette smoking is very harmful to the smoker, possibly more so than tobacco, but second-hand vapor is not harmful to children and fetuses like they are trying to tell you.

These people never cease to amaze me.


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