I Have Hidden This Site

I have made the decision to hide this site, and I will no longer write any more posts.

I appreciate Piece of Mindful and Fakeologist linking to me, but I was stunned with the amount of traffic I was receiving and the number of pages each visitor would read. This made me uncomfortable.

The more I did my Wiki research, the more incredible bombshells I would stumble over. It eventually occurred to me that the level of information I had access to was at a classified level. Perhaps mid-level, and more than many agents.

I knew that by posting this kind of stuff, 95% of it completely original on the internet, I was going to be monitored VERY closely and eventually shut down, since WordPress and the open-source movement is an intelligence front. You see, they don’t need Malware to hack sites like WordPress, they just have access to everybody’s back-end already. I don’t think low-level disinfo agents have access, but if they need it, it can be requested.

I am being selective about who I accept into this site, already turning down a few suspicious requests. I prefer to keep this as quiet as possible.

Rather than write posts about it, here is a bullet point list of a few more shocking bombshells I was going to write about but decided not to.

  • Vincent Van Gogh is a fictional character, done for art sales.
  • The entire British royal family is not related and not real royalty. They are actors and all the marriages, divorces, births, etc. that we have been told about are faked.
  • King Tut, Nefertiti, and Akhenton never existed. Their tombs are fakes done for tourism purposes. Also fake is the Antikythera Mechanism, Voynich Manuscript, Amphipolis, Phillip II’s tomb, the Terracotta army, Durrington Walls, Nefertiti’s bust, and the bodies at Pompey.
  • Nikola Tesla was an intelligence agent from the beginning. The War of the Currents was fake and his feud with Marconi was fake. Everything he did including Wardenclyffe and Colorado Springs was funded by intelligence.
  • Chemtrails was a conspiracy theory begun by intelligence. I am not sure what the purpose of Chemtrails is but it is not pollution. I personally like the ionsphere theory from September Clues.
  • GPS satellites do not exist.
  • HAARP is still active, and it has nothing to do with mind control or tsunami/earthquake technology, which doesn’t exist.
  • All disaster casualty and property damage totals are inflated. This is done to steal more aid from the charities, which are fronts anyway.
  • James Randi and the entire CSICOP skeptic community is intelligence. You need to ask why that is.
  • The Transcendentalists were all intelligence. So was Mark Twain, and pretty much any famous author you can think of. And no, his birth and death on Haley’s Comet is not real.
  • Galileo was never tried by the Catholic Church. It was an invention to make the Church look bad and science look good. Giordano Bruno was not executed and Copernicus is a fictional character.
  • There is no such thing as synesthesia, and there are doubts about color blindness. I am not sure if color blindness is completely fake, or just certain forms of it.
  • Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle were all real people, but all of their works are lost. Everything we know was written by intelligence during the Renaissance. Add Cicero and Herodotus to that list too.
  • IBM Deep Blue was a hoax. Kasparov did not play a computer, but a pre-scripted chess match to make IBM look good.
  • Alexander the Great never existed. He is a fictional creation. His father may have existed but not him.
  • Erik the Red never existed and there were no colonies in Greenland. This puts a question mark on colonies in North America too.
  • The pharaoh Khufu never existed. He was invented to give the Pyramids and the Sphinx a creator in order to fit the neat 3500 BC timeline for evolution. The Pyramids are much older.
  • Blackbeard’s treasure has already been secretly found. The Queen Anne’s Revenge wreck off North Carolina is fake.
  • Lascaux cave is fake, the Lake Missoua glacier event is fake, Moas never existed, Otzi is fake, Toba eruption is fake, trilobites never existed, and 75% of species did not go extinct during the Cretaceous period. And no, there was no ice shelf in the Bering Strait for Native Americans to walk across. To add to that, the DNA evidence of Native Americans matching Asians and Siberians is fake.
  • Black Plague was exaggerated or never happened.
  • Nobody was executed or forced to convert during the Spanish Inquisition.
  • There was no slavery in Rome and there were no gladiators. The Colosseum was for acting. This was done to make Rome look like savages and like a lesser empire. It was also done to excuse modern slavery and make it appear like we are more advanced.
  • Modern slavery was abolished because it was no longer profitable. Ethics had nothing to do with it.
  • Homer never existed and the Trojan war never happened. All archaeological evidence is fake.
  • Nietzsche was intelligence and faked his death.
  • D.D. Home and all the spiritualists were intelligence. All the “exposing” of fake mediums during the 19th century were staged events. Why did they have to stage these “exposures” is a question you need to ask.

There are many things that ARE real that I’m not going to list, because despite the heaviness of the information above, that information is even heavier and may bring even more doubters. So I will keep that secret. I have had a few sleepless nights.

A lot of people want more evidence for the things I list. That is understandable. What I say to them is to look closer at the pictures, stories, etc. and you will begin to see that everything pieces together. You may be surprised and shocked at how true it all is. You will then understand why I am deciding to stop posting.


7 thoughts on “I Have Hidden This Site

  1. NOOOO please continue. Your research is truly new and amazing. You are one of the very few researchers out there, along with MM, whose work fascinates me, literally. Everybody else in the alt community seems stuck on MKUltra. As for cluesforum, it is not as sharp as it used to be. Please continue.

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  2. I’m quite suspicious or Robin Williams. I was digging around in his genealogy and his g-g-grandfather was Anselm Joseph McLaurin, 1st governor of Mississippi. McLaurin’s wife was nee Rauch, possibly an ancestor of Melissa Rauch? There are many Hebrew names in the lineage and Melissa is admittedly Jewish; are they all related? I’m fairly certain Williams is still running around out there somewhere, but I’ve found no twin evidence, not that I have any discernible talent in the photo analysis department.




    1. Well the first wiki flag is his suicide, right in the introduction.

      Next flag is his father who they say worked at Ford.

      Some more things that are flagged, with quotes (my comments in parenthesis):
      “In late 1963, when Williams was twelve, his father was transferred to Detroit. They lived in a 40-room farmhouse on 20 acres”
      “After high school graduation, Williams enrolled at Claremont Men’s College in Claremont, California to study political science, then later dropped out to pursue acting”
      “Through approximately 30 hours of tape” (regarding his voice in Aladdin).

      His favorite books, cycling enthusiasm, and entire philanthropy section is flagged. Most celebrity’s philanthropy sections are flagged. It’s usually a front for something.

      “Williams paid many of Reeve’s medical bills and gave financial support to his family” (Regarding Christopher Reeve, who we might need to take a closer look at. He could be a fake like Hawking).
      “His wife Susan Schneider stated that in the period before his death, Williams had been sober, but was diagnosed with early stage Parkinson’s disease, which was information he was “not yet ready to share publicly.” (So that was probably fake too)
      “He also explained that he often used free association of ideas while improvising in order to keep audience interest.” (I take that to mean a lot of it was scripted.)
      “but the show was canceled after one season.” (Regarding his final show “The Crazy Ones”. This may have been done on purpose to get him back in the public eye shortly before his death, and perhaps given an excuse for his depression.)
      “Williams and Velardi divorced in 1988” (I’m pretty sure he was gay).
      “His daughter Zelda was named after the title character from The Legend of Zelda, a family favorite video game series, and he sometimes performed at consumer entertainment trade shows.” (Seeing as he was probably gay, I assume the daughter is not his either).

      So just from wiki: Spook family, spook background, scripted, gay, fake children, fake disease, fake depression, fake death.

      I’m particularly interested in Christopher Reeve now.


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